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A large tile consumption countriry - Poland

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Poland is third largest import origin to China.

        Poland is a bridge for chinese enterprises, where to enter Central and Eastern Europe and the whole EU. In recent years, friendly cooperation between China and Poland has maintained a good momentum of development. From 2007 to the present, China has replaced Italy as the third largest source of imports after Poland and Russia

        According to the Economic and Commercial Counselor's Office of the Embassy of China in Poland, China has become Poland's third largest source of imports. Last year, Poland's imports from China amounted to 16.461 billion US dollars, increasing 18.3%; and the proportion of total imports is 9.5%, compared with 2009 increased by 0.2 percentage points.


        On 27th, October this year, "2011 Guangdong and Hong Kong - Poland Economic and Technical Trade Cooperation Exchange Meeting" held in the Polish capital, Chinese enterprises further open the market on Polish and even EU. At the exchange meeting, Guangdong and Poland and European companies held a project signing ceremony, Guangdong took the total of 9.848 billion US dollars of the total project, which "going out" project amount of 2.83 billion US dollars, "showing in" project totaled 1.327 billion USD; trade turnover of $ 56.91 billion.


         A total of 70 Chinese exhibitors participated in the 2011 Poland International Building Materials Exhibition (BUDMA), the booth total area is 774 square meters. It is expected that there will be 100 Chinese enterprises participating in 2012, with a total exhibition area of 1,100 square meters.


Quality same as Europe, but the price same as China

         Similar to other EU member states, the Polish demands for quality are high, and the details of the product, such as shipping, packaging and other requirements are strict. On the one hand, the Polish people to seek comfortable and comfortable life, the high demand for housing; On the other hand, the neighboring countries such as Germany and France are the major trading countries of Poland, and the high demand for product quality in Western European countries makes the import of Polish tiles is more stringent. Unlike most EU member states, the per capita consumption level in Poland is lower than the EU average, and if Poland's average monthly salary can buy 3.2 square meters of new apartments, the EU's average monthly salary can buy 8-12 square meters new apartment. This consumption gap allows Polish consumers to choose low-priced products without compromising quality. In general, highly cost-effective in the Polish tile market is very much important.


CE helps China tiles to enter the Polish market

         At present, under the "commodity standards and certification law" Poland takes the management of imported goods. The Act stipulates that goods entering Poland must be certified by the Polish Inspection and Certification Center (PCBC). If the foreign supplier has been "CE" certification or ISO9000 certification, the certification process in Poland will be shorter. At present, more than 80% of the technical standards adopted by Poland are consistent with the EU standards.


        According to the Foshan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Ceramics, the state-level ceramic testing key laboratory marketing director Yamin, Liu, "CE" logo is a safety certification mark, is seen as a manufacturer to open and enter the European market passport. "CE" stands for European Uniform Certification (CONFORMITE EUROPEENNE). Any product marked with the "CE" mark can be sold in the EU member states without having to meet the requirements of each member country, thus achieving the free circulation of goods within the EU member states.


        The general building directive, numbered 89/106 / EEC, which is safe for the buildings and civil engineering in the territory of the European Union, and ensure that the safety of People, livestock (poultry) and property, following the other basic requirements either. This is not only related to the safety of buildings, but also to health, life, energy conservation, environmental protection, economic factors and other important aspects of public interest. Building sanitary ceramics products are covered by the new method directive, whether new or old, must be designed, manufactured and qualified according to the requirements of the new method directive. Building sanitary ceramics products should first follow the building instructions.


         The harmonized standard adopted for tiles is EN 14411: 2006 Ceramic Tiles - Definitions, Classification, Characteristics and Marking; The harmonized standard for the toilet is EN 997: 2003 / A1: 2006 WC Pans and WC Suites with Integral Trap; The harmonized standard for wall-mounted urinals is EN 13407: 2006 Wall-Hung Urinals - Functional Requirements and Test Methods; The harmonized standard for the wash basin is EN 14688: 2006 Sanitary Appliances - Wash Basins - Functional Requirements and Test Methods.

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