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Argentina claims to extend the anti-dumping investigation period for foreign tiles import

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   Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that Argentina has decided to extend the anti-dumping investigation period for foreign ceramic tile import enterprises, which means that other ceramics and sanitary ware enterprises will be greatly restricted in Argentina, these countries include: Brazil, Spain, China, etc. The investigated products are mainly ceramic products and glass tiles waist, marble and so on. This decision will lead to most of our sanitary ang ceramics exporter facing more serious difficulties.


       First look at the specific circumstances of Argentina, then you can generally understand how big  the influence from the extension of anti-dumping investigation it is on chinese enterprises. Argentina is ranked among the top ten in the world on the land area and total populatio. It's gross domestic product is also ranked the top 30 in the world, while per capita income is high,and the local people's life is relatively rich. In terms of resources, the advantages of Argentina can be described as Unique, first of all, South America had a very large advantage in terms of resources, tropical rain forest climate create a prosperous natural environment, making the Argentine tiles and bathroom business has a solid resource base , which can not be underestimated in the world.

        Although Argentina's ceramic tile industry is very strong, the Argentine domestic consumers does not favor the domestic production of ceramic tile products, but advocated in foreign imports, they do not care how high the price of foreign sanitary ceramics products. Which makes the domestic production of Argentina's products can only be survived under the bulk of exports in the domestic market. So Argentina also began to start a foreign bathroom business restrictions on sexual behavior. In fact, as early as a few years ago, Argentina has begun to impose more restrictive policy on some foreign companies, this time Argentina extend the investigation period, for foreign enterprises, the damage is large.

        Not only that, Argentina also makes more stringent requirements of the quality on foreign ceramic and sanitary products , which led to the chinese domestic enterprises in the Argentine market is already difficult to obtain benefits, as early as two years ago, many chinese enterprises turn the market to Brazil, but now, Brazil has also taken a lot of measures to limit foreign companies.

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