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Interpreting foreign tiles

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Today, a large area for the kitchen, bathroom tiles, is no longer stereotyped, rigid sluggish. To the building materials market, consumers will find that the domestic tile manufacturing process improved, and foreign ceramic products have increased a lot. Diversification of products,making we consumers more benefit, for a time, dazzling array of ceramic products filled with consumer eyes, consumers do not know which one to choose. Reading the tiles of the style, choosing a suitable one for own living room tiles, is a compulsory course for consumers.


        Excellent color style tiles from foreign import


        Color changes with a combination of young people's favorite. The color keeps changing, in the designer's criss-cross with the combination of different mood and feeling. As a result of process and design reasons, the main color-based tile products are still the best imported products.


          Imported tiles used the glaze process makes the surface color is not easy to fade, the color of the transition natural, tile surface gloss showing elegant shades of light. Design of foreign products, color design is more fashionable, whether it is cloth pattern, leather patterns, can be done such lifelike. 


        Colorful style tiles is popular from urban women


        Color tiles create changes in the same repeated visual effects, embellishing a few pieces of color patterns. Different pattern within colors is very particular. Excellent designers create color tiles tend to give mediocre wall the finishing 3D touch. Good design can be used as art appreciation, but the famous design is often limited sales and expensive.


        The most respected in the world is the use of advanced technology, but to keep the hand-drawn sense. Art fashion series, is popular with european urban women .


        Metal style tiles is suitable for Hong Kong home style


        Metal style emphasizes to break the character of tiles, relying on the heavy metal to create a natural sense of natural or luxurious style. Its representative tiles have authentic Spanish tiles, this tiles are suitable for decorate  the natural simplicity of the holiday house.


        Its metallic and line sense, showing a magnificent luxury atmosphere, therefore, it is suitable for Hong Kong-style home. And its mosaic metal color can float above a variety of colors, adding a sense of mystery, and it's more with the use of the bathroom area.


        Antique-style tiles create a sense of history and nature


        Antique-style tiles deliberately polished the surface of the tile and the formation of irregular side, resulting in years of erosion of the appearance, to create a sense of history and natural. Antique tiles are generally very comfortable, stepped up to have practical, warm, relaxed feeling.The leader of the antique wave tiles is the Italian brand.


        Domestic manufacturers advocate antique style of different brands and different quality . Some brands are just consider the shape, the disadvantage is uncomfortable sence, if brick surface treatment properly, it is easy to wear and lose luster. Good quality of domestic brands, they consider the characteristics of using antique tiles and joined the moisture-proof, anti-acid function. Different from most people's imagination, the use of antique style is not limited to villas. As long as the overall home is classical natural style, also ordinary home kitchen, balcony with antique style tiles are very coordinated and full of personality.

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